Savant Build

Finally a build tool you don't have to battle with. It just works!

Getting started is as simple as:

$ wget
$ tar -xzvf
$ savant-1.0.0/bin/sb --version

Build files are as simple as:

project(group: "org.example", name: "savant-example", version: "0.1.0", licenses: ["ApacheV2_0"])

groovy = loadPlugin(id: "org.savantbuild.plugin:groovy:1.0.0")
groovy.settings.groovyVersion = "4.0"
groovy.settings.javaVersion = "17"

target(name: "clean", description: "Cleans the project") {

target(name: "compile", description: "Compiles the project") {

What is Savant?

Savant is a modern build tool that uses a Groovy DSL for the build files. Savant is fully SemVer compliant and handles the most complex dependency graphs easily. Savant uses a plugin approach to quickly add complex build logic to a project.

The main difference between Savant and other build systems is that Savant does not allow plugins to add targets to the build. This decision makes Savant declarative and simplifies the entire system by removing the need to manage inter-plugin dependencies (i.e. the JUnit plugin depends on the Java plugin).

If you are interested in learning more about this design decision, check out the Plugin Doc Page